About Us

Shriven was incorporated in 2018 and is an upcoming Agri technology venture established to explore and implement state-of-art technology into the field of Agriculture.

Shriven strives to ensure a healthy availability of agriculture producers to the end customers and to improve the livelihood of farming community.

India is the second largest producer of horticulture products. Yet, every year, India wastes about 18% of fruits and vegetables, due to lack of proper post-harvest management, storage and transportation.

The post-harvest management sector has been one of the most undermined sectors in India, devoid of investment, in spite of various government policies and subsidies.

In fact, only two per cent of produce in India are held or transported using proper post-harvest management and storage facilities compared to 85 per cent in the US.

An Integrated Pack-house provides post-harvest management for all horticulture produces, reducing the wastage and improving the quality of the produce.

The magnitude of post-harvest loss in fruits and vegetables can be minimized by proper harvesting, transportation, storage and pre and post-harvest treatments.

Our Vision

Become a transparent, trusted and revered fresh and processed food brand across the globe.

Our Mission

Deliver safe and healthy food products to the end consumers and enable farming and food processing as a dependable business proposition



Managing Director
Manjula is an Engineering graduate from Anna University with deep inclination towards entrepreneurship. Her father, Mr. V. Gandhi Rooban served Indian Army and retired as Honorary captain. Manjula, with patriotic drive, has returned from US after 8 years, to realize her dream of serving the society. She has more than 12 years of experience in emerging technologies like Cloud and Analytics.

Prasanna Venkatarathnam

Prasanna hails from an agriculture family involved in rice, sugarcane and horticulture / agriculture practices for generations. Prasanna is a native of Thiruvallur district, Thiruvalangadu block, with good knowledge on the local community and their practices. He is a MBA grad from Kennesaw State University, USA. He has over 15 years of experience in selling technology, managing complex projects.
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